1962 Dodge Lancer. Big Cove, AL


type: Transport | location: Big Cove, Alabama  |

user: Rick H. | gender: Male | nationality: American |

The attached photo centers on a 1962 Dodge Lancer, a car parked beside the driveway in my wooded front yard.
When I see this photo, I recall the fading memories of being a happy baby riding in a car like this with my parents.  My father has always taken pride in keeping up his sporty family cars and my mother took pride in my father because of his manliness, which fed their happy selves who, in turn, nurtured a contented boy and his well-grounded sister.  When my sister and I were little, our parents would take us on Sunday afternoon drives to roadside parks to eat an early dinner and enjoy the sounds of nature away from suburbs and city centers.  I still remember canned Vienna sausages, deviled ham, crackers and Thermos filled with Kool-Aid, not forgetting the ants, flies and bees who joined us most trips!

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