Central Train Station. Riga, Latvia


type: Transport | location: Riga, Latvia |

user: Will O. | gender: Male | nationality: American |

This train station in Riga, Latvia’s capital, is a central hub for Latvia’s transportation. It’s an epic structure that towers over the square below. It speaks both to a by-gone age of Soviet era monuments and a forthcoming age of transparency and civic cooperation. It makes me happy because of its size and how it reflects the sky, and like Southern Cross station in Melbourne, the scale and design make me feel as though the buildings are interacting with one another and their environment, like there are huge forces at work in the world.

2 thoughts on “Central Train Station. Riga, Latvia

  1. I like the line – forthcoming age of transparency and civic cooperation – and the closing comment – there are huge forces at work in the world. Reminding me that the buildings are monuments to our collective vision at different crossroads of time and at different intersections from Latvia to Melbourne.

    Too there are many tracks we have laid down across the vast space of the earth, as though to mark the path we have transgressed and the one’s we wish to travel.

    I remember the train tracks in the industrial flats of Cleveland were active when the stell mills were operating but once they were abandoned marked the spot where industry once thrived. In their wake thistles bloomed.

  2. Buildings are, indeed, monuments to our collective vision! I like that line, and the idea about tracks. So many things end up being reminders of where we’ve been as people as times change, the things that we used to enjoy and ideas the we used to hold dear, or the opposite, things we’re glad have changed.

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